Please read our terms and conditions carefully before booking any tour with Formentera Ebikes Tours. By booking, the customer indicates that he/she has read and accepted all the conditions specified below.

Payment and booking
Before starting the activity of a guided tour with Ebikes Tours, 100% of the reservation must be paid. If payment is not received, the availability of bicycles and/or guides is NOT guaranteed.

– The customer declares that he/she is in good physical and psychological condition to perform the bicycle routes.
– The participant must arrive at the meeting point at the time agreed with Formentera Ebikes Tours.
– Wearing a helmet is mandatory. In case the customer refuses it, Formentera Ebikes Tours may terminate the contract.
– Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
– It is essential to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for cycling.
– In case that any of the customers present signs of drunkenness or drug use, the tour will not take place.
– People who cannot ride a bicycle properly are not allowed to participate in the guided tours.
– Guided tours are not activities for learning to ride a bicycle. They are intended for people who know how to ride a bicycle in order to enjoy the natural environment.

– Formentera Ebikes Tours has a liability insurance policy for the guided tours.
– Formentera Ebikes Tours recommends that customers have a personal insurance to be covered in case of an accident.

During the guided activity
– It is mandatory to follow the guide’s instructions and follow him/her at all time.
– Customers must not overtake the guide during the activity. Otherwise, the participant will not be covered by the liability insurance and will be responsible for all possible consequences and charges for negligence.
-.Participants must respect the traffic regulations at all times.
– Reckless or imprudent driving is prohibited.
– The use of alcohol is strongly discouraged. If anyone decides to drink, he/she will do so at their own risk.
– Any competitive behavior that may cause dangerous situations for participants or other road users is strictly forbidden.
– If a participant falls or is injured in the guided tour and is unable to continue participating, the payment will not be reimbursed.
– Failure to comply with the above mentioned rules during the activity will result in the cancellation
of the activity without the right to reimbursement of payment.

Damage and theft
The participant, as the renter of the bicycle, will be solely responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicle, as well as any extras requested when renting the bicycle. Formentera Ebikes Tours does NOT offer coverage in case of theft of the rented bicycle. The responsibility for theft falls exclusively on the CUSTOMER. In case of theft, the bicycle must be paid for at the current market price.

Photos and videos
During the tour, we may take photos or videos to share them on the social media of Formentera Ebikes Tours. If you do not wish to appear on those social media, please let us know so we can take this into account.

– You can cancel a reservation with 48 hours notice and we will refund the full amount of your reservation. You need to send us an email to info@formenteraebikestours.com.
– If you have made a booking for a specific number of participants and fewer participants show up on the day of the activity, the amount due will be for the initial number of people for whom the booking was made, since the bicycles are considered reserved.